MAS Management Trainee/ New Graduate Hire

Malaysia Airlines Management Trainee/New Graduate Hire

I was a Management Trainee for one of the best 5Star Airlines in the world. And by writing this post, I only intend to give some insights, or share what I have gone through to finally be accepted as a part of Malaysian Hospitality.I shall however not, disclose sensitive information nor would I disclose the range of salary and the fringe benefits given to successful candidates (you can check this with the HR).

During my batch, there were 3 separate assessment that we need to go through.

1- The Assessment test (Day 1)

Multiple tests were conducted that took us the entire day (0900 hrs – 1630hrs). If my memory serves me well, there were Personality test, Comprehension Test, Analytical Test and IQ Test. If and only if you manage to pass (or achieve a certain amount of marks stipulated by the management), you will get a call to the next round. The gap between the first round of  tests and the second round vary and depends solely on the management’s discretion.

2- 1st Interview

Candidates will be asked to answer a case study and basically candidates would be asked to further explain their answers in front of the panel. The Interview was very basic but bear in mind that a thorough selection was done during the first test and not many actually managed to get to this second round.

hints: learn about the company, but please don’t sound like as if you memorized a great deal from their website.

3- The Final Interview

This final round is quite similar to the 2nd stage. Candidates were given a case study and would be asked to explain about it during the conversation with the panels. Not more than half get into the final round. If you succeed this stage, then congratulations, you can now wait for their medical check up call and anticipate the pride and honor of being a part of Malaysian Hospitality.

hints: be yourself.

I have heard from previous batches of Management Trainees on different sets of interview stages that were conducted during their time. Do take note that the selection process may change subject to the management’s consent.

Once you have been absorbed as a management trainee, you will undergo a probation of 1 year and subject to your excellent performance, you will be confirmed as an Executive. Management trainees can be posted at Subang (MAS Complex), KLIA (support), KLIA (Main Terminal), etc. Your posting will be decided by HR, depending on your future respective departments. I will not disclose any job scope as you can inquire on this matter during the interview.

As far as I know, openings for the position are advertised in Jobstreet and Graduan. I am not aware of any other medium. The qualifications that are needed to apply for this position; –

New Graduate Hire


* Below 26 years old
* Have 0-3 years working experience
* Possess at least Second Upper degree or CGPA 3.0
* Demonstrates qualities of a potential leader – high intellectual capacity, high achievement motivation and competent interpersonal skills
* Applicants should be Malaysian citizens or hold relevant residence status.

I wish you all the best. Break a leg!!

Thank you.

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30 thoughts on “MAS Management Trainee/ New Graduate Hire

  1. Hi there, I was accepted for a management trainee position in MAS and going for the medical check up next week. Can you share with me further info about the position? As i am from technical background (engineering degree), do you see any prospect of me from joining MAS? When did you join and how do you find the program? Thanks and appreciate your reply.

  2. Hi ykkhor. First of all, I must say congratulations! I can’t really tell you muchas different trainees will be posted to different departments. The earlier MTs were rotated and they had to attend classes every now and then, I cant say the same for my batch, as we were not provided any trainings, but were posiioned to our departments straight away. I was told that, i will be rotated after 2 years.
    The programme is simple, the MT’s are expected to be future MAS managers, starting from an executive position, its just 2 steps away from being a departmental manager. If you love the airline business, which is a different beast from the other industries, im sure you’ll enjoy your stay with MAS.
    I joined in MAS in 2009, and there were only 10 of us. I would gladly say that i enjoyed my stay there. As a young exec, you’ll have tons of prospects over there!
    Good Luck!

    • Appreciate your information. I’m trying to gather more info before really going into the offer but hardly can find any who provide useful information. Can you provide me the password to view your post about the days you were in MAS? If you dont mind. How are your same batch colleagues doing? What you said was 10 of you were posted into diff departments even though you were from the same batch? This means that 10 of you undergo diff program and is their posting related to our background? eg. i might be posted to engineering department because of my engineering degree?

      • regarding postings, its actually up to the department. Usually you will be posted to a department that needs an executive. (well, this is my batch’s case la.) I heard that there are quite a number of MT’s will be joining this time around, if i am not mistaken, around 300? so you guys might have seminars and classes to attend to before you will be finally posted to your departments. Sometimes the posting doesnt relate to your background, in my case; i was posted to inflight services, which was related to my background. But there was someone with a background of biotech engineering was posted to my department. well, i havent met the rest of my batch, because we reported for duty on different dates, and i was the only one who was posted to SFB in KLIA.
        and FYI, MAS treats MT’s like how they treat permanent employees.

      • thanx for your valuable i know,why you leave MAS since you enjoyed staying at the such splendid organization?..

      • i truly enjoyed my stay with MAS, but i was offered to further my studies by my former university. Such a tough decision to make, but one have to choose aight? :)

  3. Another thing i would like to ask is how MAS treats their MT? Are they treating MT like permanent personnel or just merely “trainee” ?

  4. hi.i was offered the MT position.
    but i still have other offers to consider.
    the problem is i can’t decide which offer to choose.
    the other offers are for executive position.
    what is your opinion,should i accept MAS as an MT or as an executive with other company?which one is better?
    because i’m flexible,and i don’t mind working in what company or position just want to make the best decision.

    • it really depends on your passion actually. the airlines industry is a different beast from the rest of the industries. If you’re up for the challenges that the industry offer, why not? :)

  5. Hi there, can i know why mas didnt post this management trainee program?

    can i apply when im in my final year of my studies and expected to graduate on dec 2011?

    • The program is offered on a need basis, therefore, the intake may vary from year to year. You will need to have your final CGPA to apply for the post.

  6. ok thanks man ! I really wish for this job so much as i love working in the airlines, so yea, do you have any friends that currently are taking this program? would love to know more about it :) the life of management trainee in mas :)

  7. hi admin.i will be going for the iview on 2nd Aug. hope to pass this exam.. for psychometric exam, how is the exam? is it the exam is more on IQ test or general question, am i need to study sejarah/ Malaysia kita? can you share with me…

    • For my batch,there was a personality test, we then proceed for the psychometric test which comprises of IQ, comprehension, mathematics, and analytical questions. None Sejarah/Malaysia Kita related such as the PTD exams. Do take note that the interview process varies according to intakes. All the best for your tests!

  8. quick question. will the interview be on the same day as the assessment? or different day? coz i read that you wrote day 1 next to the assessement but no day 2…so im just wondering. coz they asked me to go for the test. and mentioned that i will get to the interview if i succeed in the test. but they didnt say if its on the same day or not. thanks!

    • My interview was almost a month apart from the day of the assesment. Normally the interview is scheduled on a diffferent day. They will first compute your scores from the tests, then, they will call you for the second stage. During my batch, given that we passed the second stage, we were called for the final interview with department heads. So there are actually 3 stages. Some of the seniors only had 2 stages. It does vary according to the intake.

  9. Hi. I will attend the MAS management trainee assessment on this 23rd august. one thing i really would like to know, as a management trainee.. do the trainee have to wear the uniform? the baju kebaya uniform. thank you.

  10. hi dear admin, i’m going to the interview tomorrow. they said this is the last stage. can you share a little bit on your past case study interview. is that the case study is only related to the MAS case or else.

    • Hi there, as i could recall, the case study was not related to the aviation industry. In fact i got a case study pertaining to F&B management. And during my second stage, it was pertaining to record keeping in a law firm. I wish you all the best for your interview tomorrow! I believe you will be interviewed by GMs/ Presidents, and worry not, they’re really nice!

  11. hi admin>
    thanks for the advice , is that we have to discuss the case study related to current situation or what? sorry to ask u more…or we can discuss it general?

    • i think they just wanna test your management and analytical skills, usually, we discuss pertaining to the case given.


      Nadia Hanin Nazlan

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